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SEBLib SEBLib digital library manages books, audio and video content on your company intranet portal. Include external learning material to empower your teams.  For Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013.
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Manage books, audio and video content on your company intranet portal. Include external learning material to empower your teams.

Localized SharePoint solution
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External metadata support
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SEBLib 3.0 for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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Why manage books, audio, video and external content in your company using SEBLib digital library?

Mission of SEBLib digital library is to help all employees inside a company to get the best possible learning material they need for their work and inspire them for further learning, cooperation and innovation.

SEBLib digital library offers efficient sharing of all material among your team and employees. It is built as a site template for Windows SharePoint and as such it is integrated into your organization’s intranet portal offering you flexibility and extensibility included in the underlying document management and collaboration system.

Starting point in search for learning material

SEBLib is more than just a catalogue of your books. Initially it allows your colleagues to enter books from their offices and favorite links from their browsers and make them available to the whole organization. In the next step you can embed videos and various learning material from internet portals and digital libraries. You can recommend material to your team by writing a review or creating a simple learning plan. Using the wish list you can suggest material for purchase.

SEBLib goal is to become the starting point in the search for learning material within your organization. Employees can get all necessary information about material that is available internally as well as guidance on alternative ways of obtaining material they need for their work from external sources.

Books, videos, links to external content,
reviews, learning plans, wish lists,..

In addition to searching an internal library, you can check links to popular web libraries and online stores, which is very useful for less skilled users who are not skilled in search on the internet. Lots of books can be found for free on various web portals; in this same way you can provide uniform instructions and procedures for buying new material with links to your favorite online book stores.

See more screenshots.

Import wizzard

Using import wizzard you can import data from your existing library using csv, xml and Excel files.

If you have a lot of books, you can use a barcode scanner to get a list of ISBN numbers and then import it using this wizzard.

Titles, authors and cover images can be loaded automatically during import process from external metadata sources.

SharePoint site template
Import wizzard
(csv, excel, xml)
External metadata
(cover images, titles, authors)
Mobile app for Android
(Scan ISBN and inventory numbers, take photos of cover images)

External metadata sources

SEBLib supports retrieve of material title, authors and cover image from external metadata sources just by entering ISBN number.

Metadata can be loaded on material edit page or during import process using SEBLib import wizzard. To manage metadata provider see your metadata account page.

Easy to use

SEBLib is intuitive and simple. It is designed to be used by all members of your team / company. Everyone can manage their material without any professional librarian experience.

With a user-friendly search, you can find the desired material either by standard SharePoint full text search inside attached content or in a more advanced way by specifying various predefined metadata fields (author, title, category, location etc...)

SEBLib user experience is the same as with the rest of your SharePoint sites. Use of standard SharePoint elements allows fast learning and easy adoption since users are already familiar with your SharePoint intranet portal.

The library can be accessed with a web browser without any additional installations on the client computer.

Distributed managment of material

In business organizations, material is often distributed among various teams as opposed to the classical library where material is stored in a central location – on library shelves. Lack of a central catalogue of purchased material limits material availability to closed groups of people. SEBLib material can be managed by people who use it most. At the same time, material remains available to everyone inside the organization.

Every user can manage his material and is responsible for its loan. This can be a step forward to sharing knowledge and networking among otherwise isolated teams inside an organization.

Mobile app for Android

Using SEBLib mobile app you can catalogue your books anywhere. Scan an ISBN number, retrieve metadata and take a photo of a book cover. It also works in offline mode, so you do not need internet connection all the time.

Motivation for learning and exploring

SEBLib integration into corporate intranet makes users aware of the library on every portal visit. Its simple use allows everyone to contribute their valuable material either from office desks or from the internet.

Experts can enter material into simple learning plans to help their less skilled collegues to gain new knowledge as fast as possible. This can be very helpfull when introducing new team members.

Easy setup

Installing SEBLib takes only a few minutes. Sign up and download instalation package. Upload it on your SharePoint and create a new site from SEBLib digital library template. When site is created add your (trial) license.

Optionaly you can configure your metadata sources or import demo data for a quick evaluation.

If you do not have SharePoint we can create a trial SharePoint online account for you. Send inquiry.

Easy to customize

SEBLib is built using standard SharePoint structures and can be simply modified and extended by site administrators.

All data including attached digital material content is stored in standard SharePoint lists that can be easily extended to meet your needs. Site design, page navigation and web part arrangement can be changed very quickly.


SEBLib offers personalized pages where users can see their favorite material, reservations, loans and wish lists.

Availability and fast access

Company intranet portal is ideal place for your corporate library, since everyone can access it anytime and anywhere. You need to know what material you have and where can you get it, before you can use it.

Reasonable Prices

SEBLib is licensed once per user what makes it suitable for all sized businesses (no monthly fees). See details...

System requirements

SEBLib is built as Sandbox solution and can run on any version of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013 including free foundation and SharePoint online / Office 365.

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