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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I display the standard SharePoint toolbar to customize my site?

To enable standard SharePoint toolbar, please first login as a site administrator and navigate to SEBLib Library settings. Find "UI customization for administrators" row and click button "Disable". Now you can customize you site and lists. When finished enable it again.

Is it possible to edit master page and style sheets and do our own development on it?

Yes. You can make any changes you wish to your site including changes to master page, site pages, css and javascript files (with exception of licensing logic which must stay unchanged). However when you apply a SEBLib update (or a language pack) your changes might be lost and you will have to create them again or merge them from SEBLib backup files (when upgrading SEBLib makes backup of replaced scripts, pages and css files in a special folder e.g. »Upgrade_2_0_9« and you can use them to merge your changes back into the new code).

Is it posssible to add a custom page to SEBLib site e.g. FAQ page?

Yes, you can add new pages to the SEBLib site. After adding a page you will need to modify SEBLibCreateMenu function (SEBLib/Scripts/SEBLib.js) to include it in the navigation menu.

What is the main difference between SEBLib for SharePoint 2010 and 2013?

Both editions have the same set of features / functionality. The only important diference between SEBLib 2 (SharePoint 2010) and SEBlib 3 (SharePoint 2013) is in master page design.

Do you offer additional customizaion of SEBLib?

Yes. We offer additional customization and branding, however it is not included into the basic license price. It is charged extra depending on your specific requirements. Please call us or send an email with a short description of changes you plan and we can send you a quote.

How can I change the library logo image?

By default SEBLib.png is displayed. If your new logo image dimensions match SEBLib.png then you can just replace it with new image (/SEBLib/Style/Images/SEBLib.png). Otherwise replace it and adjust display size with the following css styles (include it into /SEBLib/Style/SEBLibCustomerStyle.css):

div.SEBLibTitleImage { margin-top: 4px; margin-bottom: 4px; }
div.SEBLibTitleImage { width:153px; position:absolute; float:inherit; text-align:center; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 252); }
#SEBLibMenuPH { padding-top:90px; float:inherit; }
#SEBLibTitle { margin-left:160px; margin-right:160px; }

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