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SEBLib digital library - list of features

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Manage books, audio and video content on your company intranet portal. Include external learning material to empower your teams.

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SEBLib 3.0 for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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SEBLib digital library features

Tables below describes components of SEBLib digital library and the most important features.

SEBLib digital library template
SEBLib helps you manage learning materials like books, videos and intenet content. It includes loan and reservations, reviews, learning plans, favorites and proposals.
Manage physical material You can manage a catalog of printed books and other physical material (CD, DVD, etc.)
Manage digital material You can add you digital content to the material list in the same way as to any other standard sharepoint list. SEBLib does not provide additional restrictions in terms of IP rights managment.
Display cover images You can upload an attachment and select it as a cover image. You can also use an external cover image url.
Embed external content You can embedded a video from internet into a new material item and share it with your team. The same way you can link a pdf report or an internet e-book you can otherwise not attach becouse of IP issues.
Import ISBN metadata When you create a new item you can enter only ISBN number and additional book data like author and title are retrieved from external metadata services.
Advanced search pages You can search material using an advanced filter that allows you to find material by various fields like title, availability, hierarchical categories and locations.
Manage loan and reservations Using SEBLib you can reserve and borrow material from your library. Each user has its own personalized page with its relevant data (list of reserved, borrowed and overdue material).
Reviews of material After reading a book or watching a video you can rate it and share your comments with your coleagues.
Favorite materials Users can store their favorite material in a special list.
Manage categories (hierarchical) You can manage a list of jierarchical categories. Searching for materials in a parent category returns also materials in its subcategories.
Manage locations (hierarchical) You can manage a list of location that are organized into hierarchies. Searching for materials in a parent location returns also materials in its sub-locations.
Manage announcements A simple list for publishing library related news.
Event calendar You can publish various learning related events in a shared calendar (webcasts, conferences, internal lectures, etc.).
Links to web libraries Links to relevant web libraries are usefull guidelines for less skilled users.
Links to stores You can add links to relevant stores for purchase of new materials.
Learning plans You can group various materials into simple learning plans.
Favorite learning plans Users can store their favorite learning plans in a special list for fast access.
Wishlist managment A simple list where anyone can add a material for purchase. A librarian can approve or reject it.
Extended user permissions SEBLib extends default SharePoint permisisons by adding additional roles and permissions (e.g. for borrowing and reserving a material).
Localized in several languages SEBLib templates are currently available in Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish language.
SEBLib mobile app for Android
Using SEBLib mobile app you can catalogue your books anywhere. Scan an ISBN number, retrieve metadata and take a photo of a book cover. It also works in offline mode, so you do not need internet connection all the time.
Barcode scanner You can use barcode scanner on your device to read ISBN and inventory numbers.
Camera for taking photos of book cover pages You can use device camera to take photos of cover pages and attach them to materials.
Local database Data is stored in a local database on device and can be sinchronized with your SharePoint site.
Browse, view and edit materials You can browse, filter, view and edit materials on your mobile device.
SEBLib import wizzard
Import wizzard is a Windows desktop application that can import data into any SEBLib site using default SharePoint web services. You can connect it to your inhouse SharePoint 2010/2013 installation as well as Office 365 / SharePoint online.
Parse various import files You can import data into SEBLib from your existing book catalog using various file formats including csv, Excel template, barcode readers or SharePoint Lending library.
Use an Excel template for manual entry Predefined Excel template helps you setup initial catalog when you are building your library from scratch.
Retrieve external metadata before import After your file is parsed you can choose to retrieve metadata (titles, authors, etc.) based on book ISBN number from external metadata sources.
Import existing data into SEBLib Import wizzard sends your local data into your SEBLib library using standard SharePoint web services. It helps you to create your library with as little effort as possible either when importing from your legacy system or when starting from scratch.
SEBLib farm extensions - timer jobs
SEBLib farm extension contains timer jobs for sending emails and creating thumbnail images. It can be installed as a farm solution in your local environment and is not available for Office 365 / SharePoint online.
Notify user - reserved material is available A timer job sends an email to the user when a reserved material is available. Emails can be resent after a predefined period.
Notify user - return date is overdue An email is sent to the user who is late with return of borrowed materials. Emails can be resent after a predefined period.
Notify librarian - material has been reserved A timer job sends an email to the default librarian defined in location list when a reservation is entered. Emails can be resent after a predefined period.
Notify librarian - loan statistics A timer job send an email to default librarian defined in location list on a scheduled interval.
Create thumbnails for cover images A timer job creates thumbnails from attachments defined as cover images. This helps pages load faster when attaching large covers.

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