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SEBLib 3.0 pricing and licensing for SharePoint 2013

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SEBLib 3.0 for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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SEBLib 3.0 can be licensed in per user or per server mode in the following way:

1) TRIAL license

You are allowed to install the SEBLib and evaluate it using a free trial license for 30 days. After that period you must either purchase full license or uninstall the software. You can only get one trial license for evaluation of the same SEBLib version. After the lapse of 30 days, you must uninstall and destroy all copies of the SEBLib and the sites created on its template in your possession unless you choose to purchase the standard or the enterprise license, described below.

2) STANDARD license

Standard licensing option uses »Per user« licensing model. To use SEBLib you must provide a valid client access license (CAL) for each unique user that is accessing any of your sites created from SEBLib templates. Number of servers on which SEBLib is installed is not limited.

Number of concurrent users using software at the same time is irrelevant for the purpose of standard licensing. If the same user is member of several sites you need only one CAL for him. If you have several sites with different users you must provide so many CALs as there are unique users across all sites. The standard license is granted and effective for an unlimited time period, unless revoked for breach of this EULA.

You can create unlimited number of sites based on the SEBLib as long as all sites are for internal use by members of your organization. If you wish to create a site for external use (e.g. hosting services for third party or allow external access by users who are not members of your organization) you need the ENTERPRISE license.

3) ENTERPRISE license

Enterprise licensing option uses »Per server« licensing model. To use SEBLib you must provide a unique and valid ENTERPRISE license for each Web Front End (WFE) server running this software.

Enterprise license model allows unlimited number of sites and users. ENTERPRISE license allows you to create sites that are used by external users (users who are not members of your organization) and for purpose of hosting. You can also create and host sites for other organizations. The enterprise license is granted and effective for an unlimited time period, unless revoked for breach of this EULA.

Details on licensing SEBLib can be found in EULA.


SEBLib 3.0 licenses (Sharepoint 2013)

Product SKU Description Price
SEBLib 3.0 SL_3_0_TR 30 days trial license FREE
SEBLib 3.0 SL_3_0_STD Standard license per user (CAL)

* Your can combine various packages to get the number of licenses you need. For example: If you need 27 licenses you can purchase 1 x 25 + 2 x 1. All licenses will be generated as a single license file. Value added tax (VAT) is not included.
SEBLib 3.0 SL_3_0_ENT Enterprise license
per Web Front End server (WFE).
With unlimited number of users.
please call or submit inquiry
SEBLib 3.0 SL_3_0_AS Annual support subscription
Enterprise subscription gives access to free updates, minor and major releases and is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. It is available only together with enterprise license.
please call or submit inquiry
Metadata services / Metadata services allow you to import material data (book title, author, cover image, etc) from external sources. please call or submit inquiry


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